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We chose the Red Lacewing as our logo as it represents the fragility of our tropical coastal rainforests and it reminds us of the importance of our journey to find ecological alternatives to the mainstream use of plastics, disposable and non-compostable materials and to reduce man’s demand on our natural resources. 


We seek to find and supply products which are made from natural materials and are ethically sourced and where possible, organic too. We encourage sustainability through encouraging our customers to grow their own fruit and vegetables, refill, reduce, reuse and recycle.





About Our Logo

The Red Lacewing Butterfly

The Red Lacewing Butterfly, cethosia cydippe exists in Far North Queensland, Papua New Guinea and some tropical islands. It’s host plants are the Adenia heterophylla (Lacewing Vine) and Hollrungia aurantioides (Queensland Passionfruit), which are both vulnerable species belonging to the family Passifloraceae. These species exist in monsoonal rainforests between sea-level and 300 m altitude. The vines grow in the fringe of coastal rainforests, and it is the fringe of the forest which is most at risk from urban sprawl and the encroachment of human activities such as forestry, mining, farming and land clearing. Without these plants the Red Lacewing can’t survive.

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