Ambush Mosquito Trap

Ambush Mosquito Traps are a CO2 trap which attracts mosquitoes, sandflies and midges. The trap is designed to operate 24/7 attracting mosquitoes as they enter your backyard and trapping them where they dehydrate and die.

A UV light shines onto a titanium plate, producing small amount of CO2, which attracts mosquitoes. The trap is also supplied with a Mosquito Lure, which is a pheromone attractant and lasts for 30 days. We suggest that you use your mosquito trap all year round and add a Mosquito Lure each month during the rainy season, when mosquitoes are more prevalent.

The secret to great success, is to place the trap below hip height in an area sheltered from the breeze so that the CO2 can accumulate around the trap, creating an invisible cloud of attractant. Don’t place your trap near a doorway as you don’t want mosquitoes hovering around where they could get inside your home before they have a chance to go into the trap.

The UV light will attract moths. As the moths decay in the trap their bodies produce more CO2, therefore adding to the efficiency of the trap. If your trap is hanging high up, the light will be visible from further away, which will attract more moths. This is another reason for keeping the trap near to the ground.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap, attracts female biting mosquitoes, dramatically reducing the population in your area therefore, giving back your outdoor living space.

How do I get the best out of my mosquito trap?

Product Code AMTT01
Material Plastic Casing
Measures Trap 36 cm


Additional information

Weight 2.59 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 35 cm