Ausclimate NWT Compact Plus 16 Litre Dehumidifier

Ausclimate dehumidifiers are an award winning, cost efficient solution to dampness issues in your home, office or storage area. Dehumidifiers draw in damp air, collect the water and return dry air to the room. It is important to purchase a unit which is large enough for the space that is to be dried.
The 16 litre unit is suitable for en-suite bathrooms, walk-in robes, boats, laundries, caravans, mobile homes or storage rooms with a floor area of 25 -62 m². It is compact, light-weight and easily portable. This unit will automatically re-start after a power outage. When the tank is full of water it will automatically shut down, alternatively it can be connected to a drain hose for continuous operation. The drain hose is not included but can be readily purchased from hardware stores.
Mould can be harmful to your health, causing respiratory illness, allergy, asthma and immunological reactions. Humid and damp weather allows mould to thrive. Mould can also cause damage to both your building and your personal possessions.

  • Product Code WDH-316DB
  • SAA approval Certificate SAA-210748-EA
  • Refrigerant R290
  • Size 31.4 x 19.4 x 46.7 cm
  • Weight 10.4 Kg
  • Warranty Domestic Use 2 years
  • Warranty Non-Domestic Use 6 Months
  • Voltage 220-240v, 50 Hz
  • Power Input 300 w
  • Noise 37(Dry)  40 (Low)  41 (High) dBA
  • Water Tank 2.4 Litres
  • Recommended Maximum room size 25m² or 62m³
  • Recommended Minimum room size 4 m²
  • 16 Litres per day (30°C @ 80% RH)
  • Running temperature 5-32°C
  • Variable humidity settings
  • Rotary compressor
  • Multi-Size Options
  • Award winning
  • Choice Magazine recommended
  • Proudly Product Review best reviewed dehumidifiers in Australia
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quality Assured

Living Without Mould A Guide to Healthier Homes


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