Backyard Beekeeping

There is room for a hive in many a suburban garden and, as author Courteney Smithers points out, there is always something special about eating honey from your own hives. The revised second edition of this book is written especially for those who would like to experience that healthy pleasure yet are unsure how to set about it.

But Backyard Beekeeping is not simply a beginner’s guide. It is a comprehensive reference for all wishing to keep healthy bees and produce delicious honey. It provides essential information on the bee’s life cycle, the basic equipment required for beekeeping, where to position hives, and obtain a bee colony, how to care for a colony and increase it’s size, the harvesting of honey and wax, how to move hives, swarm control and the nectar and pollen flowers that attract bees to Australian and New Zealand gardens.

The author’s experience both as an entomologist, formerly with the Australian Museum and as a keen beekeeper, ensures that Backyard Beekeeping is a book that will be a practical help to both amateurs starting out and long-time professional beekeepers.

  • Author Courtenay N Smithers
  • ISBN  9781921719196
  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 80
  • Published 2011
  • Publisher  Rosenberg Publishing
  • Country Australia


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