Bamboo Ped Socks

Bamboo ped socks are made from premium quality bamboo fibre. It is a super soft, natural fibre which is absorbent yet also breathable.
Bamboo is fungal and bacteria inhibiting and thermo-regulating being warm in winter and cool in summer. The fibre is very strong, washes well and remains colourfast.
When bamboo is harvested, the plants are trimmed rather than uprooted. This means that the soil isn’t disturbed, reducing erosion and, the crop is rapidly renewable. Bamboo uses very little fertilizer and also grows without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Product Code PEDSX
  • Materials Bamboo Fibre
  • Colour Black White or with colour trim and sole
  • Sizes M 4-6 W 6-8, M 6-10 W 8-11, M 10-14


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 9000 × 90000 × 90000 cm

M 4-6 W 6-8, M 6-10 W 8-11, M 10-14


Black, Blue with black trim, Grey with black trim, White with black trim, White with dark blue trim, White with grey trim, White with sky blue trim, White