Biofilta Food Cube

Biofilta Foodcubes are a market leading wicking pot which maximises growing space, fertiliser and water usage. Biofilta’s design has 16 wicking cones in the base to draw moisture up into the soil media to provide the optimum level of moisture for plants at all times.

Backyards, schools, roof tops, community gardens, retirement villages, apartment buildings and urban farms. The Foodcube can be as small or as large as you need.

Foodcubes are made with 80% recycled food grade plastic which is UV stabilised to last 10 years. The plastic used is recycled off-cuts from the confectionery industry. Passive aeration allows heat to escape from the base while allowing oxygen to enter the reservoir where it can circulate minimising the risk of root rot.

Each Foodcube is shipped with two swivelling water levels that gives you ultimate control over the water level in each unit or an entire row of interconnected Foodcubes. Set high for a full soak to cope with a heat wave, create an air gap for better drainage or fully empty. You get full control. There are 2.5 cm pockets in the corners of each Foodcube allowing a space for a shade or greenhouse screen and 2.5 cm pocket in the centre to support a trellis.

Multiple units can be connected to create a small farm.


Product Code Cube
Material UV Stabilised Plastic
Measures 1.15 m x 1.1.5 m x 0.5 m High
Growing Depth 0.315 m
Water Reservoir 110 Litres
Capacity 300 Litre of potting media


Additional information

Dimensions 1.15 × 1.15 × 0.32 cm