BioPak Hot Cup Black Plastic Lids 90 mm

BioPak black plastic lids suit BioCups with a 90 mm brim diameter.
This product is made from PS plastic and is suitable for hot drinks. It is recyclable and should be disposed of through kerbside collection services.
Alternatively, BCL-12PULP-W, BCL-12PLA-B or BCL-12PLA-C are all compostable.

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Product Code BCL-12.16.20B
Materials PS Plastic
Product Size 24 mm H x 92 mm W
Carton Size 30 cm H x 40 cm W x 47 cm L
Carton Weight 4.6 Kg
Pieces per Carton 1000
Compatible with Single Wall Cups BC-8(90), BCK-8-GS(90), BC-8(90)-Art, BC-12, BCK-12-GS, BC-12-Art, BC-12-CCAB, BC-16DW, BC-16DW-Art, BCK-16DW-GS, BC-20
Compatible with Double Wall Cups BC-8(90), BC-8DWArt(90), BCK-8DW-GS(90), BC-12DW, BCK-12DW-GS, BC-12DW-Art, BC-12DW-CCAB, BC-16DW, BC-16DW-ART, BCK-16DW-GS

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