Bokashi Mix and Compost Inoculant

Bokashi mix is a blend of essential microorganisms which are dried to put them into an inactive state and stored in a blend of bran and sawdust as a food source.

Bokashi is a living culture which is stored in a resealable zip lock bag. The bag should be kept sealed when not being used, and stored away from excessive heat or sunlight.

Bokashi is a bench-top composting system which utilises essential microorganisms (EM). It is easy, convenient, hygienic and it eliminates odours. Bokashi is a bit like compost sauerkraut! The microbes multiply breaking down the fruit and vegetable waste, creating a liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner plus a compost for digging into your garden.

Everyone can contribute to keeping food waste out of landfill and improving our soil.

Bokashi can also be used as a starter culture for compost toilets or septic tanks.

  • Product Code BOK1
  • Material Wheat bran, rice husks, sawdust and essential microorganisms
  • Storage life 2 years
  • Origin Australia


Additional information

Weight 1.04 kg
Dimensions 28 × 23 × 6.5 cm