BioPak Cane Rectangular Clam 5x15x20cm

Bio-cane takeaway clams are made from sturdy cane fibre which will retain fluids and heat without absorbing grease and moisture. The container is securely closed with a clip-lock to keep contents from spilling during transportation.
This product is made from bagasse which is a by-product of sugar production. It is both sustainable and renewable, supporting farmers not oil companies.
These containers should be disposed of through general kerbside waste.
BioPak is a carbon neutral company giving 1% of profits to rainforest revegetation projects including the Daintree Rainforest.

Carton buy only, pre-order required

  • Product Code B-HL-75-N
  • Materials Cane Pulp
  • Product Size 52 mm H x 145 mm W x 195 mm L
  • Brim Full 810 ml
  • Carton Size 31 cm H x 34 cm W x 58 cm L
  • Carton Weight 10.46 Kg
  • Disposal Kerbside Waste Collection

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