BioPak Clear BioBowls

BioPak clear PLA bio-bowls are perfect for delicatessen use such as dukkah, salad, olives, fetta, dips, spices, confectionary and much more.
This product is made from Ingeo™ PLA (Polylactic Acid), a bio plastic made from plants. It is both sustainable and renewable, supporting farmers not oil companies.
PLA is suitable for cold use only and should be stored below 34°C.
It is industrially compostable and should therefore be disposed of through general waste or a composting facility. It shouldn’t be placed into a recycling bin.
BioPak is a carbon neutral company giving 1% of profits to rainforest revegetation projects including the Daintree Rainforest.

Available in both sleeve and carton


BioPak Cold Clear Bowl specifications click here


Material Ingeo™ PLA
Lid C-121 fits P-240, P-360, P-500, P-700
Lid C-143 fits P-600W, P-700W
No Added PFAS
Disposal Industrially Compostable AS4736

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P-240 285 ml, P-360 404 ml, P-500 553 ml, P-700 725 ml, P-600W 630 ml, P-700W 762 ml

Pack Size

Sleeve, Carton