BioPak Cold Clear PLA Cups 420ml

BioPak PLA cold cups are suitable for cold drinks and are also freezer safe. This product is made from Ingeo™ PLA (Polylactic Acid), a bio plastic made from plants. It is both sustainable and renewable, supporting farmers not oil companies.
PLA is suitable for cold use only and should be stored below 34°C.
It is industrially compostable and should therefore be disposed of through general waste or a composting facility. It shouldn’t be placed into a recycling bin.
BioPak is a carbon neutral company giving 1% of profits to rainforest revegetation projects including the Daintree Rainforest.

Available in both sleeve and carton

  • Product Code R-420
  • Materials Ingeo™ PLA
  • Weights & Measures approved for alcohol service
  • Product Size 108 mm H x 96 mm Top Diameter
  • Brim Full Capacity 438 ml
  • Sleeve Size 10 cm H x 10 cm W x 37 cm L
  • Sleeve Weight 0.51 Kg
  • Carton Size 40 cm H x 40 cm W x 50 cm L
  • Carton Weight 11.2 Kg
  • Sleeves per Carton 20
  • Pieces per Sleeve 50
  • Pieces per Carton 1000
  • Certified commercially compostable to AS4736
  • Compatible with BioPak PLA lids CS-96, C-96F, C-96D(X), C-96D(B) and C-96D(N)


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Sleeve, Carton