Compost Worms

Worms breakdown food waste into smaller particles, making the particles water soluble and small enough for plants to absorb nutrients. Worm cast or vermicast, holds more water, stores nutrients, and creates an enriched microbial environment – a living productive soil.

Compost worms can be pre-ordered from us, as we don’t keep them in store unless ordered. We do this to ensure that the worms you buy are fresh and healthy. Worms which are stored, lose weight and deteriorate rapidly.

We recommend 500 g of compost worms for a backyard compost or worm farm or 1 Kg for a waste water system.

Place your order and we will send you an email giving you the date that your worms will be ready for collection or dispatch with a courier. On the day of collection we will send a text message to remind you. We will only send worms within Far North Queensland as they can only be in transit for 2 days maximum. Freight to remote areas needs to be by air rather than a barge or long haul trucks.

Composting with Worms

Choosing the Right Composting System


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500 g, 1 Kg