Dineachook Feeders

The Dineachook Feeders are made to mimic a grain silo. The funnel shape internal design allows the grain to move freely reducing the risk of clogging or blockages. Designed and made in Queensland, the Dineachook feeders will make it more difficult for rats, mice and other vermin, to access your chicken’s food supply. Chickens will scratch around in food bowls, spreading and wasting the grain, while also attracting vermin, but chickens can’t get their feet into the Dineachook Feeders, so there is no waste, therefore reducing food wastage by up to 30%. Vermin don’t only eat the food, they bring disease!

Mount your feeder 50 mm from the ground using the top and bottom hooks only. A single feeder is suitable for up to 8 chickens.


Product Code DAC-F
Size Small Height 535 mm

Volume 3.5 Litre

Holds 2.6 Kg Grain

Chook tractors and coops with limited height

Size Large Height 730

Volume 4.7 Litre

Holds 3.7 Kg Grain

Mounting Kit Includes 2 x Self Mounting brackets and 4 self taping screws which are suitable for use on timber and light gauge metal.
  Washers and bolts are more suitable for mounting on wire mesh. (not supplied)
Origin Australia


Tip : Use only high grade feed. Poorer quality feed won’t save you any money as the chickens will eat more, as it will be lower in nutrient content.


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