Ecolet Separera Mini Composting Urine Extraction Toilet

The Separera Mini from Ecolet™ is the perfect dry toilet solution for modern, compact living. Designed with a sleek, shiny porcelain look and complemented by a toilet seat and lid, this compact unit seamlessly blends into any bathroom decor without the cumbersome weight of traditional porcelain.

Ideal for motorhomes, RVs, caravans, boats, and tiny houses, the Separera Mini boasts a small batch system featuring two interchangeable 15 litre solid chambers. Easily swap and empty these chambers as needed, and if you wish to compost the waste into a nutrient-rich resource, simply transfer it to an external composting chamber.

The Separera Mini also includes an 8 litre urine bottle, ensuring the unit is fully self-contained with no drainage required. This collected urine can be emptied into another toilet or dump point, or diluted and used as a fertiliser.


  • Waterless Dry Toilet: Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Compact Design: Perfect for small spaces
  • 15 litre Solid Collection Chamber: Interchangeable and easy to manage
  • 8 litre Urine Bottle: Self-contained for convenient emptying
  • Odourless: Innovative design for a fresh environment
  • Chamber Screen: Ensures hygienic separation
  • Sturdy Toilet Seat and Lid: Durable and comfortable

Choose the Separera Mini for an efficient, stylish, and environmentally responsible solution to your sanitation needs. Please remember to dispose of waste safely andSeparera responsibility.

All pricing for compost toilets is quoted as ex-factory in Brisbane. Please contact us for a freight quote and to discuss the suitability of this toilet system for your site, building structure, climatic conditions, family size and other requirements. Our compost toilet specialist can ensure that you make the right choice.

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