Ensopet Pet Waste Composting

Ensopet is an in-ground composting system which utilizes essential microorganisms (EM). It is easy, convenient, hygienic and it eliminates odours. Ensopet is similar to Bokashi composting but utilizes different microorganisms that will assist to breakdown meat wastes. The microbes multiply breaking down the animal waste, creating a soil conditioner.

Just dig a small hole in your garden and place the Ensopet composter in it. The lid can be opened to deposit pet waste along with a small sprinkle of Ensopet starter. The microorganisms in the Ensopet will digest the waste converting it to fertiliser. The lid keeps flies out and the Ensopet starter will stop odours.

The Ensopet can be placed in a garden bed and when it fills up, just dig another hold and move the Ensopet to a new location.

The starter kit includes the Ensopet composter, 1 Kg of Ensopet Starter, and tongs.

  • Product Code EnsoPet
  • Material UV Stabilised plastic


Additional information

Weight 2.86 kg
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 17 cm