F**k Plastic

101 Ways to Free yourself from plastic.

Is the thought of the 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans keeping you up at night? Don’t panic! The war on plastic has begun and you can help! In this book you’ll find 101 little things you as an individual can do to avoid single-use plastics and help save the world. Governments, brands and corporations around the globe are on the case to solve the plastic epidemic, but whilst we wait for the effects of those initiatives to trickle through and alternatives to plastic to be found, let’s hit the ground running. In this proactive illustrated book, you’ll find 101 simple ways to cut plastic from; food and drink e.g. freeze fresh veg rather than buying frozen, and buy beeswax wrap over clingfilm, or Around the house e.g. buy bars of soap instead of hand dispensers and swap scourers for natural cloths – Your Lifestyle e.g. how to have a plastic-free party and find good plastic-free make-up Together we can save our oceans – and we will!


ISBN 9781841883144
Format Hardback
Pages 128
Publisher Seven Dials
Published 2018


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