GreenMark Sauce Cups

Crafted from sustainable sugarcane fibre through an eco-friendly manufacturing process, our product is designed to accommodate both hot and cold foods with ease. It boasts compatibility with microwaves, ovens (up to 220°C for 20 minutes), and freezers, ensuring versatility in your kitchen. Moreover, sugarcane fibre is compostable, breaking down naturally and contributing to environmental sustainability. With its waterproof and greaseproof properties, it’s ideal for a variety of culinary applications, from dips and sauces to condiments and toppings.

Choose from two lid options which fit both 30 and 60 ml sauce cups; one made from compostable sugarcane fibre (C001/2SL) and the other from recyclable PET (C001/2L) offering you environmentally conscious choices.


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30 ml, 60 ml

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Sleeve, Carton