GreyFlow PS Greywater Diverter

The GreyFlow greywater diverter is a simple, economical and reliable system which can be wall mounted, above gound or partially buried. Boasting an extra large filtration and sludge trap, it has a thermal proteted 240 v pump to take water from your shower, washing machine, air condiioning, hand basin, leachate from your compost toilet and also your kitchen sink, but kitchen water must be passed through a greatrap first.

The GreyFlow EzyGrey greywater diverter is an authorised and approved system with a WaterMark™


Easy to install
Robust thermal protected vortex pump
Simple, robust and reliable design with no controller
Diverts greywater from 100 mm inlet
3 Way manual valve for gravity diversion to rainwater overflow or sewer when not in use
Easy to pull out sludge trap basket
Extra large 4 layers graded vertical filter
Wall mounted, above ground or partially buried
Can convert a hand moved single outlet hose from the washing machine to a multiple (up to 6) zones watering system when used together with a GF-Rotor


GreyWater Diverter 

EzyGrey System

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