Greywater Drip Tube Kit

This will operate as a simple gravity feed system with no power required, if you have some slope to your land. If the land is flat, you will require the assistance of a pump to push your waste water out into the area to be irrigated. Simple, easy and efficient!

The Complete drip hose system includes;

1 Hose 50 m
1 Drip Line 13 mm 100 metre
1 Pinch Tool
Hose Fittings 25 x Take Off
14 x 25 mm Ratchet Clamps
2 x 25 mm Joiner
2 x 25 mm Elbow
2 x 25 mm Barb Plug
1 x Hose Tail
1 x 25 mm Tee


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EzyGrey Greywater Diverter System Manual


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