Greywater Tiny Bundle

This is your ultimate eco-friendly greywater solution, for tiny homes, weekend getaways, and holiday rentals. This versatile package includes a compact grease trap and greywater devices that make installation a breeze.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of greywater systems by curating comprehensive packages that include all the essential components. No need to spend countless hours researching or shopping around – we’ve got you covered!

Imagine slashing your water bills while enjoying lush vegetation that thrives on your re-purposed water. Our packages offer unbeatable value, ensuring that you save both money and the environment.
Easy installation, just click and connect.

Conserve, recycle waste water while reducing your carbon footprint.
Transform your tiny home, weekend getaway, or holiday rental into an eco-friendly haven with the Greywater Tiny Bundle. Embrace simplicity, savings, convenience, and a positive environmental impact today!


Includes 80 Litre Greasetrap
GreyFlow Greywater Diverter
Drip Tube Kit


Greasetrap Flyer

Greywater Diverter

Greywater Diverter Certification

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Weight 48 kg