Natural Cellophane Bags with Side Gusset Size 23

Cellophane bags are clear to give full view of your product. They are perfect for packaging greeting cards, jewellery, soap, lollies, biscuits, baby clothes and so much more. This bag has a side gusset allowing it hold bulkier items. Cellophane isn’t suitable for storing anything moist.
Cellophane is made from cellulose wood fibre and is compostable, however this product is also coated with polyvinylide which is a plastic base material, giving the bag gloss, moisture resistance and strength. Therefore, it is not compostable. It is still a far better option than imitation cellophane which is made from BOPP or polypropylene plastics, as they use more plastic and take much longer to breakdown.
Cellophane is heat sealable.

Carton buy only

  • Product Code ADC10023
  • Materials Cellophane
  • Product Size 100 mm W x 200 mm L
  • Side Gusset 50 mm
  • Carton Size 20 cm H x 30 cm W x 80 cm L
  • Carton Weight 2.62 Kg
  • Pieces per Carton 1000


Additional information

Weight 2.62 kg
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 20 cm
Pack Size