Natural Round Rubber Soothers Twin Pack

Round or cherry teats are advised for breastfed babies as it ensures that your baby’s tongue remains under the teat just as it does when breast feeding. This helps to prevent nipple confusion.
Natural rubber soothers are moulded in one piece meaning there are no joins in which bacteria could hide, and they are safer as the teat can’t detach to become a choking hazard.
The mouth shield doesn’t leave marks on baby’s face due to the elasticity of the natural rubber and the larger shield touches under baby’s nose just as a breast does when breastfeeding. The shield is also large to prevent babies from squeezing the shield into their mouth.
Rubber is softer than PVC or silicone and is not made from petro-chemicals. Natural rubber soothers are made from natural latex from the Havea Brasiliensi tree, which is grown and harvested in Malaysia. Being made from a natural material they are also fully biodegradable.


  • Materials Natural latex rubber
  • Free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, parabens or chemical softeners
  • Meets all Australian Safety Standards
  • Non-Static surface doesn’t attract dirt and dust
  • Round teats are the best choice for newborn babies

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Medium    3-6 Months
Large      6 Months +