Nature Loo Alectura Premium Compost Toilet

The Nature Loo Alectura Premium is redefining sustainability for Tiny Homes and Off-Grid Living.

Discover the next evolution in composting toilets with the Nature Loo Alectura Premium, an Australian-designed marvel tailored for tiny homes and off-grid living communities. Building on the success of the Nature Loo Classic 650, the Alectura takes composting confidence to new heights with enhanced features and durability, ensuring optimal functionality in diverse environments – from the snow-clad Australian Alps to the arid outback and the tropical north’s humidity.

The Alectura Premium offers unparalleled features and capabilities, setting the standard for excellence in sustainable living.

Product Code  NL-ALT-PREMIUM
Daily Usage  5 People Full-time use
Expandable Extra chambers can be purchased
Chamber Measures 666 mm L x 666 mm W (710 incl locking ring) x 450 mm H
Chamber Assembled Weight 80 Kg (when full)
Underfloor Clearance Min 500 mm
Fixtures Pandora, Palisade or Pasadero
Waste Chute 235 Dia x 550 mm
Mixer Dual Blades
Trolley Ezy Reach
Leachate Disposal Absorption Trench
Electrical Vent System 100mm Dia Vent 12 volt 5 Watts
Installation Easy to follow DIY Installation and Maintenance manual
Warranty Roto-moulded components 10 Years
  Porcelain Pedestal 4 Years
  Toilet Seat 1 Year
  Electrical components 1 Year
  Other Parts 1 Year

New and Updated Design Features: Designed to thrive in a variety of climates, the Nature Loo Alectura Premium maintains optimal composting conditions, including a temperature above 12⁰C, a moisture content of 60-80%, fresh airflow with oxygen, and a 30:1 carbon-nitrogen ratio.

Innovative Design Elements:

  • Double Walls and Ventilation: The perforated wall of the inner chamber, coupled with a powerful fan, ensures efficient compost aeration. This not only reduces moisture build-up but also eliminates unpleasant odours.
  • Leachate Drain: The Alectura incorporates a crucial leachate drain system, allowing excess liquid to filter through the base and exit through the sullage hose into an absorption trench, maintaining a healthy composting environment.
  • Removable Internal Chamber: While regular usage only requires leaving some composted material in the base, easy dismantling of the internal chamber facilitates deep cleaning and access to all working parts for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Locking Ring: Securing the lid with a stainless steel ring minimizes negative air pressure, prevents insect ingress, and safeguards the contents from curious animals or children.
  • Inspection Plug: Keep track of compost progress or conditions with a simple removal of the bright green plug, allowing for easy inspection of the out-of-service chamber.
  • Wicks: Integrated into the chamber’s base, wicks aid in reabsorbing liquids, optimizing compost moisture content. When paired with mixing blades, they facilitate the movement of moist compost throughout the chamber.
  • Dual Mixer Blades: Combine the compost while aerating and leveling the pile for an optimum composting environment. The blades will lift from deep in the composting chamber.
  • Ezy Lift Trolley: Has been ergonomically designed to fit in tight spaces. It has a reach of 500 mm from the external wall to the centre of the chute, when there is a clearance of 500 mm. If you need to reach further, then a greater underfloor clearance will be required.

Elevate your sustainability journey with the Nature Loo Alectura Premium, where cutting-edge design meets eco-conscious living. Embrace the future of composting with confidence and style.

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Nature Loo Alectura Manual

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Alectura Premium with Palisade, Alectura Premium with Pandora, Alectura Premium with Pasadero

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