One Tree Palm Leaf Round Plates 18cm

One Tree small round palm leaf plates are suitable for either hot or cold food. They are strong, leak-proof and an excellent insulator against heat. Palm Leaf wood plates can be placed in a microwave oven for up to 2 minutes or in a conventional oven at 180°C for up to 40 minutes.
This product is made from the wooden end of a palm frond from the Araca Palm (Betel Nut), which is native to India. The fronds are collected after they shed naturally, and are steam cleaned, pressed into a mould, then UV sterilised. There is no plastic, chemicals or additives used in their manufacturing process.
It is home compostable and should therefore be disposed of through general waste or a composting facility. It shouldn’t be placed into a recycling bin.

Available in both sleeve and carton


Product Code ECOPL180RF
Materials Palm Leaf
Product Size 180 mm x 180 mm
Sleeve Size 18 cm H x 18 cm W x 18 cm L
Sleeve Weight 0.75 Kg
Carton Size 19 cm H x 26 cm W x 37 cm L
Carton Weight 3.2 Kg
Sleeves per Carton 4
Pieces per Sleeve 25
Pieces per Carton 100


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Sleeve, Carton