Pro Blue Bathroom Cleaner

Pro Blue Bathroom Cleaner is a new generation product which has been formulated with biological actives including pro-active bacteria and boosted with gentle organic food acids and 3 different stain digesting enzymes. It’s a probiotic cleaner which continues to work long after you have finished the job. It is fast drying and a low suds formula which doesn’t need to be rinsed.

Clean basins, toilet bowls, urinals and walls all with one product. Then add Pro-Blue Floor Cleaner 50 ml in 10 litre or water to clean bathroom floors.

Pro Blue products are manufactured using naturally occurring bacteria which digest organic wastes including odours, uric acid, scale and faeces. Pro Blue Bathroom Cleaner works deep into porous grout and other exposed surfaces, out-performing other cleaning products. Pro Blue works with nature, not against it.

This is a commercial product which is excellent for washrooms or anywhere that you want to be clean and odour-free.

A unique blend of environmentally friendly naturally occurring microbes prevent the growth of odour-producing bacteria, helping you to manage odours and deposits which build up on surfaces and amenities in bathrooms. Pro Blue Bathroom cleaner will remove uric acid, most mould, soil, mineral scale, rust and soap scum, while attacking deposits which are lodged deep in cracks and crevices.

Pro Blue Bathroom Cleaner contains a healthy dose of food grade citric acid, removal surfactants, scale inhibitors, essential oils and live bacteria endospores for optimum results.

Use in conjunction with Pro Blue Tabs for urinals as the additional pro-active bacteria will assist to out populate the odour-producing bacteria, leaving washrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Not recommended for marble surfaces or soft minerals that are acid sensitive.

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Charged with Pro-active bacteria and enzymes
  • Dilution 1:20 with water
  • Keeps working long after you finish cleaning
  • Eliminates odours by removing the cause
  • Septic and Greywater Safe
  • User Friendly
  • Non Corrosive
  • Non-poison and no Dangerous Goods
  • Phosphate-Free
  • Low VOC
  • Fragrance Added
  • Value for money


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