Simply Clean Fragrance Free Stain Remover 1 Kg

Simply Clean Fragrance Free Stain Remover is a chlorine free soaker which is safe for your skin, and the environment. Removes organic stains such as beetroot, pasta sauce, grass and odours while it sanitises. There are no perfumes to irritate your skin and there are no residues as it rinses clean way in the wash.

  • Sustainable and ethical ingredients
  • Includes Natural, plant-derived and mineral-based ingredients
  • No Palm oil
  • Not tested on animals
  • All essential oils are Australian sourced
  • Formulated by a Naturopath, Biologist and Author
  • Origin Lismore Australia

IngredientsSodium percarbonate (oxy-action sanitiser and stain remover), sodium carbonate (washing soda for cleaning), polyalkylene oxide and alkylbenzenesulphonic acid/sodium salt (biodegradable surfactants), sodium citrate and tetrasodium edta (water softeners), disodium silicate (mineral based corrosion inhibitor to protect metal trims and washing machine).


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Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 cm