Soap Crafting

Soapmaking is the perfect union of chemistry and craft. And making soap at home allows soapmakers of all levels to transform the functional into the fantastic. In Soap Crafting, The Soap Queen, Anne-Marie Faiola, shows how to make beautiful handmade soap through full-colour step-by-step visual instructions and 31 recipes that make it easy to navigate the process. The Soap Queen makes cold-process soapmaking safe and accessible while inviting creative crafters to explore the full range of special effects that can be achieved in a bar of soap. With chapters on using colours like neon, oxides and mica; moulds including milk jugs, yoghurt containers and PVC pipe; additives such as coffee, oatmeal and clay; and moulding techniques like embedding, funnel pour and swirling, this is the one-stop resource for soapmakers of any level.


Author Anne-Marie Faiola
ISBN 9781612120898
Format Hardback, Spiral Ringed Book
Pages 240
Publisher Storey Publishing
Published 2013

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