The Australian Native Bee Book

The Australian Native Bee Book describes native bees generally and provides a complete guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees. It is richly illustrated with over 500 photos, drawings and charts to increase accessibility and aid learning. It is written by an expert who has spent his lifetime intimately engaged with these unique creatures.

Author Tim Heard
ISBN 978064693997-1
Format Paperback
Pages 246
Published 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Publisher Sugarbag Bees
Published Australia
Awards Gold Medal Winner Apimondia World Beekeeping Award (2017)
  Winner of Australian Book Industry Award (2017)
  Winner of Whitley Award for Australasian Zoological Literature (2016)

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Tim is an entomologist and ex-CSIRO research scientist. He has been keeping Australian native stingless bees since 1985, when he transferred his first hive from a cut down tree into a wooden box. He now keeps over 500 hives, obtained through rescuing threatened wild hives and splitting existing hives. Tim continues to develop new hive designs and techniques that allow better splitting and extraction of sugarbag and wax. Tim has been giving seminars and workshops on native bees since 1995.
Tim’s favorite Australian stingless bee species is Austroplebeia essingtoni, because their tiny size and beautiful gentle nature.