The Incredible Edibles

From your garden to your plate, this guide introduces the incredible edible tropical superfoods that grow abundantly all year long throughout the tropics, boasting nutritious and delicious recipes to bring the creative culinary culture of growing these tropical plants into your kitchen, it is a must for anyone interested in homegrown and local, seasonal foods for health.

Illustrated with full-colour photography and images, this informative publication provides insight into 32 useful perennial plants with homegrown recipes to taste, showcasing what they look like and descriptions for identifying, growing and eating them.

Learn what landscape functions each plant offers and how they can support you and your garden for well-being.

Gain insight into the permaculture perspective of plants as superfoods and the sustainable framework for design, including gardening strategies and techniques, so you have the know-how to create abundanceat your doorstep.

With a step-by-step design process, fertility advice anduseful tips, this guide features conceptual design examples of edible landscapes and comes with a tropicalplant list for you to get started in your garden now.

The recipes include dishes for all your daily meals, from breakfast through to dinner, with side dishes and accompaniments, ferments and beverages.

It was written to support peoplein tropical and subtropical climates to grow, eat and enjoy local seasonal produce.

So what is so super about superfoods?

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