Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler 170 Litre

Tumbleweed 170 litre Compost Tumbler is ideal for backyards. As the tumbler is up off the ground, tree roots can’t get into your compost and the vermin risk is dramatically reduced.

Turn your compost once each day, and when it is half full, stop adding material, but continue to turn it daily for a further 30 days. Depending on the material being composted and the temperature your compost may take up to 6 weeks to fully process. The tumbler will mix the compost and add oxygen, giving you a well aerated compost rich with the right kind of microbes.

When you start a fresh load of compost, add a handful of healthy fresh soil from your garden or Bokashi mix or fresh compost to inoculate your tumbler with essential microbes. This will assist to breakdown your compost faster and also create a healthier blend. For future loads just leave a small amount of your finished compost in the tumbler.

When your tumbler is half full you will need to use an alternative composting system until the tumbler has finished it’s job. You can use 2 tumblers or Bokashi composting makes an excellent blend ready to inoculate your next blend of compost.

Product Code TUMB-60
Material UV Stabilised Plastic

Choosing the Right Composting System


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Weight 11.35 kg
Dimensions 65 × 63 × 35 cm