Tumbleweed Worm Cafe

The Tumbleweed Worm Cafe is a composting system suitable for small families or to compliment other composting systems, such as a compost bin or tumbler. Worms will consume about 50% of their body weight in food per day and produce both a liquid and solid compost to use in your garden beds or pots. Worms are a living animal and will be more productive if they are sheltered from excessive heat. This unit needs to be set up in full shade, under a tree, patio or even in your garage.

Refer to the worm farm guide below for set up and maintenance instructions.

Worms breakdown food waste into smaller particles, making the particles water soluble and small enough for plants to be able to absorb the nutrients. Worm cast or vermicast, holds more water, stores nutrients, and creates an enriched microbial environment – a living and productive soil.

Compost Worms

Choosing the Right Composting System

Product Code TWCAFE
Materials UV Stabilised Plastic


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Weight 7.27 kg
Dimensions 55 × 38 × 46 cm