Vertical Vegetables

Simple projects that deliver more yield in less space.

In Vertical Vegetables, Amy Andrychowicz helps you grow up; to garden vertically. Larger yields in a smaller footprint is the main reason most gardeners go for vertical growing., but vertical gardens offer other opportunities too – they are beautiful. As you will discover in reviewing many projects in this book, growing vertically is easy and only requires the right apparatus to guide your plants. Freestanding or wall-hung, these projects feature a wide variety of building materials, including dimensional lumber, metal re-bar, fabric and even upcycling everyday objects. Complete building plans and step-by-step instructions and photography make the process as simple as possible.

Packed with important information, including lists of plants that are best suited for vertical growing. Vertical Vegetables shows you how to increase garden produce and beautify your outdoor living spaces.

Author Amy Andrychowicz
ISBN 9780760357842
Format Paperback
Pages 194
Publisher Quarto Publishing

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