NatureClear Greywater GWS10

Waste water trickles down through layers of sand and gravel in your Nature Clear GWS10 450 litre tank to filter it.

However, for a household, a complete system like the NatureClear Family Bundle is needed as you will need to remove grease, oils and fats from the water before it enters the NatureClear 450 litre filtration tank. It is also a legal requirement that primary effluent water is dispersed beneath a layer of mulch or soil and this is done most efficiently by using the greywater drip tube kit, which is also part of the NatureClear Family Bundle.

The NatureClear GWS system is a primary effluent system, so it can only be installed in rural or rural residential properties which are approved for the discharge of primary effluent.The NatureClear greywater systems are designed to comply with Queensland local council regulations. If you live in other areas, check with your local authority to ensure that this system will comply with their requirements.

It is the perfect match for anyone installing a compost toilet or in dry country where water can be more efficiently repurpossed. It can also be operated without power, making it the best choice for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce power bills or just reducing power requirements on a solar power system.

The NatureClear GWS in most cases is a passive system which operates without electric power. As long as there is sufficient slope to your land, to allow the filtered water to flow away. However, if the land is flat you may require the use of a small pump.

Greywater from your home firstly passes through the 80 litre greasetrap, separating food particles, grease, oils and fats from the water. It then

Queensland Greywater Laws

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Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 108 × 116 × 117 cm

Why Does Greywater Need To Be Treated?

Untreated primary effluent must be discharged no closer than 50 metres from a water course and this includes ditches, bores, dams, creeks and drains. Greywater contains bacteria, soap, detergent, grease, oil, fats, phosphates and other contaminants which may pollute waterways causing algal blooms, reduced dissolved oxygen levels in water and generally degrading habitat for aquatic life.

The NatureClear GWS system filters and cleans much of these contaminants from your waste water without chlorine or high energy use.